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Migo-OGA Racer Trackable
Migo-OGA Racer Trackable
In Stock (13 available)
$ 5.75   

Trackable Racer Car & Tag for entry into the 2022 MiGO/OGA Race. Rules are available on the organization sites. Cost of the trackable is $5.75 plus shipping to accommodate shipping cost. Race runs from July 25-June 30, 2022. If you will attend Camp MiGO on August 21, 2021 and wish to wait to pick up there, or if you will be in SE Michigan and want to arrange to meet up with LynnGeoGin select option fir these types of shipping.

There are several colors/car styles available and what you get will be random. Remaining cars will be available for purchase at Camp MiGO

Purchase Limit is 4 / Racer per geocaching name is 2

Limit 4 13 available
Total Cost:  
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