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MiGO  Caching Contest

MiGO Pick Your Poison Caching Contest:

How much of a challenge do you like? Are you a “I like a little focus” kind of cacher or are you a “Bring it ON!” kind of cacher? This contest will work for both and all the cachers in between.

In this contest you will be tasked with picking challenges to complete from the list linked below. There are ten challenges in each of four categories.  The categories correspond to various poisons ranging in strengths and difficulties.  Warm up with a dose or more of a relatively week poison, Arsenic.  Challenges at that level are quite easy.  As the poison gets stronger, the challenges get a little tougher.  Cyanide is still well within reach of any cacher.  Anthrax is stronger yet and the challenges are a little more involved.  If you are an insane kind of cacher, how many doses of Strychnine can you handle? Do one, do ten. Do an entire category or do one in each category. Maybe you are so insanely brave that you want to do them all.  It’s all up to you and how adventurous you want to get.  See the next section for more information.

This contest runs from March 1st through May 31st.  Entry opens February 25th (at Winter Social) so you will have ample time to plan your challenge(s).  There are plenty of prizes at the end and also prizes along the way.

Stuff You Need To Play:

Contest Entry Form PYP:Entry - Fill this form out to enter the contest prior to playing.  Turning in this form will add you to the Players list.   


Challenge Completed Form:  PYP:DidOne - Use this simple form to report each of the challenges you complete.  Turn this form in as you complete a challenge. 

Inquiries Link:  PYP:InquiryClick this link to send an email to the contest manager(s).    If your email client doesn't like the above link, send your inquiry to "" with this EXACT subject: "PYP:Inquiry".  Questions will be answered on the contest page.  This email, the Entry form and the Found One form are the only accepted method of communication with the contest manager(s). 

Challenges to pick from:  PYP:ChallengeList:  Download this document which contains all of the specific challenges available for the contest. 

GR - General Contest Rules:

Players are expected to understand and play by  Common Contest Rules as well as MiGO Code of Fair Play.  These are both available here:  

Common Contest Rules for MiGO Caching Contests:  Basic rules by which all MiGO caching contests adhere to.    Any variation of these rules is included the Contest Specific rules.

MiGO Code of Fair Play:  Expectations of Participation in MiGO Promotions.

SR - Specific rules for the Pick Your Poison Contest:
  1. Challenges:
    1. Challenges are identified on the PYP:ChallengeList linked above.
    2. Players can complete as few or as many of the challenges as they want, from one to all of them, from any of the categories.
    3. Each challenge can be done once per player.
    4. Submit the PYP:CompletedOne form for each challenge as you finish.
  2. Caches:
    1. Caches with a GC Code are eligible. 
    2. Caches may be used for only one challenge.
  3. Finds:
    1. Caches must be found after the contest start date, after you enter and before midnight on the contest end date.
  4.  Hides:  
    1. Hides must be hidden after the contest start date, after you enter the contest and published prior to the contest end.  
  5. Events:
    1. Events only count as events and do not qualify as finds or hides for this contest.
    2. Events may have been published prior to the contest start date to count as attended. 
    3. Events owned must be published after the contest start date, after you enter the contest and be held prior to the contest end.
    4. Individual Challenges identify when events are usable.

  1. Scoring will be done from the data collected from the participants PYP:ChallengeCompleted forms.
  2. Points:      
    1. Accumulate Points:
      • 1 Point for each Arsenic Challenge completed.
      • 2 Points for each Cyanide Challenge completed.
      • 3 Points for each Anthrax Challenge completed.
      • 4 Points for each Strychnine Challenge completed.  
    2. Bonus Points:
      • 1 Bonus Point for completing your first challenge.
      • 2 Bonus Points for completing your tenth challenge.
      • 3 Bonus Points for completing your twentieth challenge.
      • 4 Bonus Points for completing your thirtieth challenge.
      • 5 Bonus Points for completing your fortieth challenge.
    3. Points Translate to Drawing Chances 1 to 1.  Score 100 points during the contest, get 100 chances in the drawing.  Lake Superior 2x bonus applies prior to the drawing.
  3. Winners
    1. One prize will be given to the person with the most points accumulated.
    2. All other players will win prizes in random drawings with drawing chances based on accumulated points.
    3. There will be three prize winners for our Lake Superior and Lake Huron members, one by most points and two by drawings.
    4. An additional prize will be awarded each month for the player who has submitted the most PYP:ChallengeCompleted forms by 21st of the month.
    5. There will be a drawing for Lake St. Clair and Trial members for an alternate prize.
  4. The Prizes(s):
    1. Lake Huron and Lake Superior members are playing for the following prizes:
      • Player with the most points wins gets their choice between three vintage geocoins.
      • Winner of the first drawing gets their choice of the two-remaining vintage, plus a one year membership if they have not won a membership extension in the two years prior to the contest end date.   If the drawing winner is not eligible for a membership extension, they will instead get their choice of a MiGO 20th Anniversary geocoin or a $10 gift certificate to the MiGO store.
      • Winner of the second drawing gets the third vintage Geocoin. 
      • Prizes for the 21st of each month will be items from the MiGO Store.
    2. Lake St. Clair and Trial members are playing for a Travel Tag from The MiGO store, plus a coupon for $5 off a Lake Huron or Lake Superior membership.
    3. Additional prizes from the MiGO store will be awarded each month for the player who has submitted the most PYP:ChallengeCompleted forms for between the 1st and 21st of the month.
    4. Membership is measured at the close of the contest date.  Anyone who upgrades membership during the contest will be competing at the upgraded level.
    5. The contest managers always the reserve the right to offer additional prizes, depending on the number of participants.

Remember, it only takes one point to have a chance to win the drawing.

Questions and Answers:


Questions submitted by the PYP:Inquiry form will be answered here unless a private response is deemed necessary.  All other questions will be ignored.

  • Question: Challenge 21: Find 25 Mystery, Multi or Wherigo After completing 25 finds, do you only receive 4 points for the #21?
    Answer:     Correct, completing challenge 21 gets you four points.

  • Question: Challenge 40: Find 50 Mystery, Multi or Wherigo caches.  Can the same 25 finds from #21 be used to complete the 50 for #40 or do we have to find an additional 50?
    Answer:     SR-2b clearly states that "Caches can only be used for one challenge". The caches you use for challenge 21 cannot be used for challenge 40. It would be way too easy to rack up lots of points and this contest would not be much of a challenge otherwise.

  • Question: Now it's my assumption that events, caches and hides can only be scored once.  Ex: an event you host to satisfy #14 can't be used in #22? Another event would have to be hosted then?
    Answer:     Correct.  SR-2b applies to all caches, events, etc.  You can only use a GC code once.

  • Question: Typo - 12 Find 15 Cemetery caches should be Number 13 on the Pick Your Poison Challenge List.?
    Answer:     Thank you. The change has been made.

  • Question: Regarding challenge 16: What attribute(s) would qualify as a gadget cache? If more than one, must the cache have one of the attributes or all of the attributes to qualify?
    Answer:      You are correct. There is not an attribute that identifies a cache as a gadget cache.  This was a left over from arranging the challenge list.  The challenge list has been updated. We will have to verify a gadget cache using cache names, descriptions and logs from others. Argh!

  • Question:  Regarding challenges 18, 28, and 38: Can competitors receive credit if fewer than 7 of the listed historic caches are available during the competition but they have found all available historic caches? Alternatively, would finding the next oldest cache in the county (even if not listed on the historic challenge cache page) suffice as a substitute? If a cacher has previously found one or more historic caches in a particular county but not the challenge cache, would revisiting the historic caches before finding the historic challenge cache level the playing field and make them eligible for the contest?
    Answer:     Sorry, no.  All 7 historic caches and the corresponding challenge have to be found during the contest.  If they are not available for county A, or if you have already found some of the qualifying caches for county A, you won't be able to use the county A for this challenge.  

  • Question:  re: challenge 33 Find 25 challenge caches *: “* Challenge caches must be ones you don’t already qualify for at time of entry or contest start.”
    I have several already signed with a note written on cache page, that I do NOT qualify for. I have several out there that I have NOT signed the log that I do qualify for, but not anywhere close to home. Shouldn’t this be for not signed challenges at the start of this event. It would be easier for you to monitor. Most Challenges out there I would have already qualified for at the start of this competition.?
    Answer:      Nothing about this challenge will be easy to monitor. It was meant to be a tough challenge, but perhaps it is too tough. The intent was, you would need to find at least one more cache to qualify for a challenge cache, then go find the challenge cache and sign the log. Pre-found and "note written" challenge caches do not count. To attempt to put this in reach, the number required will be reduced from twenty-five to ten. To score the challenge, you must find a minimum of one more cache to qualify for a challenge cache, then find the challenge cache itself. We hope that players will not bend the rules. Since you have already done the"write note" log on so many challenge caches, this challenge will likely still be out of reach for you.  Time will tell if this challenge is still too toxic for everyone. 

  • Question: Can I have already completed the AL but just not looked for the bonus cache yet to qualify for the bonus requirement? (# 10, 20, 30)?
    Answer:      Yes. You just need to find and log the bonus caches.

  • Question:  re: Challenge 33. Seeking clarification. I see the additional information about not being completed but if we are working on it we can simply complete it, correct? Ex. Find 40 EC'S in the state of Florida. If I have 35 and I need 5 more to complete I can count it once I find 5 more as long as I haven't signed the log yet? In other words, already working on it is ok?
    Answer:     The short answer is yes.  This question was answered in the inquiry two up from this one. Rather than write more, please refer to the answer posted above. I believe it answers your question.

  • Question: Challenge 27: Find 1 or 2 whole geoart(s) 30+ caches - Looking for clarification. Suppose I work on a 50 cache geoart and end up with 49 finds and 1 DNF. Since the challenge is to find a whole geoart, I read that this attempt would not work for this challenge.?
    Answer:      Geoarts usually have pretty easy caches to find, so a DNF usually means a missing cache. We can't hold the player at fault for that DNF that you actually looked for, however if the Geoart had 30 caches and you DNF one, you need to complete another Geoart to get the 30 finds. Please mention the DNF with the GC code.

  • Question: On the PYP:DidOne form, it calls for “Identify the date you completed the challenge.” I do not see a place to provide this date.
    Answer:     Good catch. The field has been added to the form. The guy doing these forms needs new glasses or to have his pay docked.

  • Question: This is more for clarification of challenge caches used a general cache in what ever challenge require a cache find. So if I find, write note and log as a find within the time frame of this contest, can the challenge cache be used as a general cache to fill other requirement challenges. I know there are no challenges caches that will help me do 33, but I want to use them elsewhere.
    Answer:      A challenge cache is a mystery cache and can be used like any other mystery cache in any PYP Challenge that any other mystery cache would work for.

  • Question: Challenge #37 - Hide a GeoArt of at least 25 caches. Note says:
    ∞ GeoArts cannot be in progress (partially hidden or found) prior to entry or contest start.
    I hid a 31 cache GeoArt in February and it is scheduled to publish on March 18.  Can I use that GeoArt for challenge #37?
    Answer:     No, for multiple reasons.  First, Specific Rule 4a clearly states ".Hides must be hidden after the contest start date, after you enter the contest and published prior to the contest end."  That is also stated in General Rule  8a.  Second.  The note in the challenges list you quoted clearly states the same thing.  Third, you can't take credit for hiding a cache that was hidden under a different account than you have entered in this contest, even if you actually hid the cache and even if you are (part) owner of that account. 

  • Question: In Challenge #23 says Find 20 cemetery caches prefixed w/"SQ" does it have to be prefixed by "SQ" or does Spirit Quest work?  Can it be "Michigan Spirit Quest?"
    Answer:     We will accept "Spirit Quest" as well as the abbreviation "SQ", but the challenge still says "prefixed", so "Michigan Spirit Quest" would not work.  The challenge still says prefixed, so anything before SQ or Spirit Quest will not work.  It would not be fair to others who have done this challenge to make it a broader definition now.

  • Question: It is now March 22. When will the March 1-21 Prize winner be announced?
    Answer:     This inquiry arrived sixteen hours and seventeen minutes after midnight. At that time, I had been home about forty-four hours from an extended stay away from home. Your understanding and patience will be greatly appreciated as I get caught up on a multitude of things, many of which are not related to geocaching.  Also, please be aware that even at my exorbitant salary, I am not required to be on call 24-7.

  • Question: What happens when you realize you made a mistake after submitting the DidOne Form? How do you correct this?
    Answer:     Resubmit the challenge with the correct data. The corrected entry will replace the first one.  Since this is a three-month long contest, I plan on posting the interim results soon and letting players know where problems are so they can fix them.

  • Question: Would you consider allowing us to submit a public list when there are 20 or more GC codes required? If not on this contest, then on future contests where multiple gc codes need to be submitted. The current method allows for multiple mistakes to occur, with no way to correct after submission.
    Answer:     Per the previous question, there is a way to correct them. Also, I will remind you to check your work before turning it in or the teacher will have to give you a bad grade (wink, wink).
    As for allowing you to use a public list, I will not accept that for more than one reason. First, not everyone is a premium member with access to public lists. Second, that would make a ton more work for the scorer. These forms export nicely to an Excel spreadsheet which I tailor to collate the GC codes and check for duplicates, etc. If I allowed you to use a public list, I would have to enter your data for you and every other player. No thank you.

  • Question: How is the decision made for when a cache falls on the county line? Example: I thought GCA6J4W would be in Kent County when I hid as I hid it on the west side of the road. But when you zoom into com and look at the map it is right on the county line. So will this one count for Kent County?
    Answer:     Aerial imagery is not generally accurate enough. GIS maps are more accurate. They show the county line in the middle of the road in this case.

  • Question: ?
    Answer:     .

  • Question: ?
    Answer:     .

  • Question: ?
    Answer:     .

Have fun everyone.  Don't drink the water.


Scores through May 7th:

Nineteen players have turned in completed challenges. 
Thirty-six players have not yet turned in a completed challenge.
Players with issues have been/will be emailed details so they may correct the problems. 
If you think your data is incorrect, send a PYP:Inquiry. 
If you think you have enterd, but don't see your cacher name below, send a PYP:Inquiry.

Cacher Challenges
Not Scored
DirtBikeGranny 34 0 116 0
Fallin' 23 0 58 0
Debgeoseeker 14 0 47 0
Merlin1392 14 5 37 0
vj24 9 0 35 0
RJ_Toot 11 2 33 2
RXWranglers 10 6 31 6
woofer and tweeter 14 5 34 14
bgscrabble 12 1 23 0
grizz-rider 7 2 21 0
jhbdfamily 10 0 16 0
Glasstiger1515 7 1 14 0
RedhedMary 11 0 13 0
GeoNiffs 5 0 13 0
Loumiester 6 1 9 0
Cinamuck 8 0 9 0
Grayseelou 5 0 9 0
Fabulousfour1975 3 3 9 20
MI_Crew 2 0 9 0
GreatLakesCacher 3 1 7 0
mermaidsh 6 0 6 0
4kclub 2 0 5 0
Ypsimom 4 2 5 0
mdshaw16 2 0 5 0
Lynngeogin (lgg) 1 0 4 0
Goldfinch 4 0 4 0
Equine1030 1 0 4 0
Lynngeogin (lgg) 1 0 4 0
WanderMI 0 1 0 0
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