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There is a geocache on property I manage and I would like it removed/I have removed it, and want the cache page taken down.
Thank you for contacting us as we promote Geocaching in the State of Michigan. The company that actually lists geocaches is called Groundspeak, and to report a geocache to them you may go to:
I was out and about and found a geocache, what do I do now?
If you found it in its hiding spot then please return it to that location if possible. If that cannot be done then please give us the location where it was found and we will try to figure out which geocache it was and contact the cache owner. Also, as you are already finding geocaches go to and become a geocacher.
We have an event coming up and would like you to set up a display. I have a group/library/etc. and would like someone to teach geocaching. I would like you to hold one of your cleanup events. I would like whatever.
Please contact us with your name, location, contact number, best contact time, date/time you request, and description of what you would like done.
I cannot find the list of geocaches on your site.
That is true. We are an organization that promotes geocaching within our State. The geocache listings can be found at which is the company that runs geocaching worldwide.
What Chapter do I live in?
Chapters This is a list of the counties and the chapter they are assigned to.
I cannot find a Membership Renew button, is there one? I want to change from Member to Supporting Member, how do I?
You cannot renew until you receive a letter that your membership is due. There will be a place to click to renew and you can either upgrade or downgrade your membership at that time. Sorry we do not have a renew button, but that can't be done on the web service we use. On the renew form, in the box that shows Member or Supporting, you click to change from one member type to another.

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